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I have been shooting photographs as a hobby for about 35 years. In that time I have had the usual trouble other photographers report in achieving good results from C-40 labs -- not knowing whether an image would look anything like what was seen when the shutter was released.

Storing prints and negatives had become an impossible chore -- all in the service of one or two images per roll of film that “might” be considered worthy of display or sharing. And then, what the heck to do with all those bad 4x6 prints?

Enter digital photography! I’ve been given a new freedom and new life in photography through the digital medium with the ability to do my own “processing” and editing in the computer. I can discard the dross and print images to my personal standard. Storing images on a hard drive and not in old shoeboxes is wonderful. They are easy to access, easy to edit without all the pain that scrounging in dusty “photo archives” used to be.

Now, I make no claims as an expert, nor do I wish to wax grandly about being taken to new levels of creativity, or anything like that. I just have a collection of scenery, photos of people [some very odd ones], sunsets, flowers and buildings that I found in various travels, and thought I'd make them available for others to view.

I’ve posted this website for those who might stumble upon it, as well as for friends to take a gander at what sort of pictures I’ve been shooting. I want to share my pictures with all...

SmugMug is a great liberator for having put together a bunch of code jockeys equal to the task of building a robust, easy to use method for photographers to launch their treasures.

One thing that sets SmugMug apart is the excellent printing service they offer. Viewers who like particular images can have them printed in a variety of sizes and formats. Even coffee mugs, Key chains and T-Shirts!!!

Here's a hilarious sidebar about a typical C-40 lab:
"When I had a job at the photo-developing counter of a pharmacy, the film was sometimes developed incorrectly. [MY POINT EXACTLY -ed.]
When this occurred, we did not charge our customers. [Oh, Right. What about the million $$ photo you ruined?!?]
One time a man came in to pick up his pictures, which were marked at $0.00, indicating that not one of them had turned out right.
The customer asked to see the photos, and when I noticed the odd splotches of color all over the pictures, I apologized profusely.
"Oh, no, these are fine," he said happily. "I'm a microbiologist, and these are my bacteria cultures."

OK then, on to the pictures…

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